Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Animsquad Shot # 3

    ( To see shot 1 & 2, click here)

    The third and final shot I started during the 2014 Animsquad Winter Term Workshop with Malcon Pierce.  It's the longest shot I've done so far. I must have been crazy to have chosen to animate a shot this long - 615 frames.  I haven't animated any shot this long in my professional career......yet.

    One of the difficulies in animating this long shot is how to sustain my interest and energy in doing it long after the workshop was finished.  But  I just kept at it and finally, it's done!  I was trying to remember all the stuff I've learned from Malcon during the workshop, while I was animating this outside of the workshop on my own now.  My sincerest thanks to my Animsquad tutor, Malcon Pierce.  Fantastic tutor!!!

    It's been an exhausting, 14 weeks of animating.  But it's all worth it. 

    Here it is.... Enjoy!  


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