Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Animsquad Shots

     Even after many years of being an animator, there's always something new to learn and strive for. Animating in TV productions, where the schedule is really tight and fast, I never really had much opportunity to think about original story and performance ideas for characters. Usually, these had already been decided by other people before the scenes are handed over to the animators. 

     Now that I'm presently unemployed again, I decided to enroll in another online workshop, to improve my acting performance choices and learn how to polish the scene well.  It's also an excuse to do some personal animation work for my demoreel.

     So for the last 12 weeks and still ongoing, I've been really busy animating  2 out of 3 shots for Animsquad 2014 Winter Term  Expert Acting Workshop, with Malcon Pierce as my tutor.  

       It's been really fun animating with their really appealing rigs Jack and Jill. And being tutored by the Disney animator./supervisor, Malcon, who really understands how to make the scenes appealing and entertaining, is simply awesome. It's almost like I'm animating at Disney!!!   

     The search for the right audio clips, story ideas, sets and props had been an enjoyable process as well. The sets and props I've used here were free rigs I've downloaded from Turbosquid. I made some modification with the rigs to suit my purposes.

      So here's what I've done, so far.....Enjoy!

Shot 1 - Women


Shot 2 - Not Mine


Shot 3 - I'd Love To

           Still in progress....Coming soon!  
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