Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Drawing Bambi's Head

     Disney's animated classic " Bambi " is one of my favorite Disney movie.  When I was at Disney Australia, I had a chance to worked on the sequel "Bambi 2", but I didn't have a chance to animate Bambi. At that time, I was afraid to tackle that character, not having much experience animating 4-legged animals before, and with the high quota expectations, I didn't think I could do a good job with that character, so I chose to work on Thumper instead, another favorite of mine.  I enjoyed Thumper a lot and no regrets.  Now that I'm reminiscing about it, I thought of doing some drawings of Bambi just for the fun of it. No pressure.
       So here's my accelerated speed- drawing videos of Bambi's head.   Ooh... how I wish I really draw that fast.