Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 1 - Fundamentals Of Character Design

       I have been wanting to get back to drawing regularly, to improve my drawing skills.  So I decided to take another class again at CGMA.  I'm  presently doing David Colman's Fundamentals of Character Design. I have been an admirer of David's artwork for years.  So I'm really excited to be one of his students this term.

     So far, I'm really enjoying it, I just have to balance my schedule between my work and this course. I only  have weekends to really get into this.

     Here's what I've done, Week 1 assignment.  We're asked to do some outdoor/cafe sketching and copy Milt Kahl's Shere Khan. Copying drawings of Master artists like Milt Kahl is a great learning method.  I enjoyed doing them. Ooh... how I miss those Disney days....

   As for the sketches, I went to Auckland Zoo and different  foodcourts during the weekends. (click to enlarge)

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