Saturday, April 28, 2012

Drawing - Back To Basics

              Since I started doing 3d animation, I have not been drawing much.  The most obvious reasons are lack of time and energy, if not interest.  This year, I decided to change that.  So I enrolled in a figure drawing course, to get me to drawing again.  I'm taking Analytical Figure Drawing with Michael Hampton over the CGMA Online Masterclass. It's back to basics for me.

              For our first week, we were asked to do a hundred gesture drawings, and out of that we were to submit only 5 for critiques.  I did more than that, because I got carried away.   I did mine from photographs. In the beginning, I tried timing it from 60, 90 seconds to 2 minutes. But later I stopped timing it altogether, because analyzing the pose and figuring out how to best approach it took me longer.  The idea is to capture the story of the pose and do it with economy of lines.  Sounds easy but not really.  But I had fun doing it though.

               Here's some of them... (click to enlarge)

                           Below are the ones I like...


  1. These gesture drawings are really good!

  2. Thanks, Chan Ghee. I enjoyed doing them.


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