Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Santa Claus Is Coming to ... Australia!

          Last year, I had a chance to animate in a 2d feature-length movie called, Santa's Apprentice.  Also known in French as
L'apprenti Père Noël.  A co-production  between the French studio Gaumont-Alphanim, Avrill Stark Entertainment in Australia, and Cartoon Saloon in Ireland.This movie is slated to be released in Australian cinemas this November . It was released in France last year. I was told this movie won the prestigious UNICEF award at this year's ANNECY International Animation Festival in France.   And  there are now talks for a sequel. Cool.   I have yet to see the final film.

          Instead of animating with paper and pencil, like I used to do , I was quickly trained to animate in a 2D animation software called, Toon Boom Animate Pro.  It was a very fun software to use, I must say.  I also had the opportunity to work again with some of my fellow animators and director from the now defunct Disneytoon Studios Australia.


     This trailer is the French version of the film, with  French voice actors.  Glad I didn't have to learn French, because our team animated the Australian version of the film, which had Aussie voice actors.  This is about an Australian boy and is set in Sydney. Some well-known Australian landmarks can be seen in this movie.

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