Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jungle Rhythm

          Sometimes after working long and hard on a scene, the director would decide that a particular scene isn't necessary anymore.  Or he would have another idea or he just simply doesn't like it.

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        This scene that I did for Jungle Book 2 was one of those that didn't make it to the final film.  Even though it's a short scene, I enjoyed doing this.  This was for the big musical number part of the film with a lot of characters doing the Jungle Rhythm, I got to do just Mowgli for this scene, and he was to be composited together with the rest of the characters later on.  Unfortunately, this bit didn't make it.

        Always a heartbreak for any animator, and I just have to accept that it's just part of the job.  Anyways, I'd like to share this here.

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