Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week 3 - Fundamentals Of Character Design

     Week 3 was about Visual Association.  Using the shape language of square, circle and triangle, we're to design three barbarians, one male, two females, describing the following archetypes:
- Routine, orderly, rule follower - but also timid and shy.
- Leader, proactive, aggressive -but also selfless and warm.
- Peace keeper, kindhearted - but also slightly sadistic and cynical, including their props.
Plus more sketchbook drawings, designing from life.

     David Colman always tell us, drawing or designing is more thinking than actual drawing.  By using the shape language of square, circle and triangle and combining them will achieve the design that conveys the personality and appeal of the characters. Each of the primary shapes is associated with certain meaning or evoke certain feelings, that we consciously or unconsciously perceive and understand. And if the right combination is done, good design results.
     So I spent most of the time thinking about the designs, poses, shapes, their meaning and doing rough sketches in the process. Part of  the challenge was to illustrate what seemed to be opposing or contradictory character descriptions like,
"kindhearted but slightly sadistic and cynical".  Wow, that really got me thinking. Nevertheless, that week's lecture have been very enlightening for me.

     As for the sketchbook drawings, I drew some animals from videos, as I didn't have enough time left. Fortunately, there's a good resource for artists like me, who sometimes can't go to the zoo. That is Rhino House

     I was really tired after that week's assignment.  And  in spite of my right hand becoming sore after, I totally enjoyed doing them,  (click to enlarge)

Leader, proactive, aggressive -but also selfless and warm.

Routine, orderly, rule follower--but also timid and shy.

Peace keeper, kind hearted --but also slightly sadistic and cynical.

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