Thursday, February 16, 2017

Boomer -Testing My Digital Painting Skills Part 2

My quest to become a digital artist-painter continues. This long-overdue personal assignment is now finally done. After the success of my first Husky digital painting, and as per the request of my sister to paint her other pet Husky, I decided to do this as my next painting exercise.  

I first roughed-out the basic drawing construction of the subject, making sure it's structurally solid and proportioned.  Then as with my previous painting, I started with the values first, as I need to learn and master this before I can become confident with mixing colors directly.  So I laid down the tone first, then the darks and shadows. Then alternatingly painted in the light areas. I did this repeatedly for several passes.

I jumped from one area to the next frequently and making proportion adjustments along the way. The fur took longer than before. This dog got lots more of it.  The front legs and paws also took me longer as there were some subtleties in shapes that can easily be overlooked but would have made it look unreal.

 The face was the most fun part for me, as I'm reminded of this dog's personality which wasn't very apparent in this pose. This dog is really cute and dorky. But he's sort of serious here. Normally, his tongue would be hanging sideways from his mouth, with a really silly look and grin.

Anyways, I screen-recorded my painting process, so here's the sped-up version of it. And also the final result. I'm quite happy with how this painting turned out.


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